Pelosi’s Daughter Rages About The White House Convention


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President Donald Trump’s speech stirred several viewers. Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is one of the unsatisfied viewers on the president’s speech on Thursday at the White House.


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While President Trump spoke from the Rose Garden to a jam-packed audience, Christine took to Twitter to accuse the president of conducting an illegal White House Convention.

In a Twitter post shared by actress and activist Alyssa Milano, Christine Pelosi stated that no one in the White House Convention was practicing social distancing, and wearing masks as she used the hashtag donttrusttrump.

Before junior Pelosi’s disgusting post, Rev. Franklin Graham delivered a compelling message to all Americans, which was exactly opposite of what Democrats are blindly supporting.

In the Republican Convention night speech, Graham praised President Donald Trump for his excellent work for the people of the nation in his tenure of four years. Graham blessed the president with his love and gratitude felt from the heart.

The whole nation suffers different challenges. Tens of thousands are in the big storm path as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic left millions of hearts in terror. People are divided, and the anger and violence are taking over the nation. In this situation, people need a strong voice to unite the country again. Graham considered President Trump to be the hope of the nation.

Graham also used a significant portion of his speech to thank God for President Donald Trump and asked the Lord to look after him to be blessed with safety and guidance.

Graham prayed to God to bestow all the wisdom and clarity of vision to the president as he is the person who will lead the great nation forward. He further extended his prayers to the president’s family. Graham also wished the best for vice-president Mike Pence and thanked Pence for providing steady hand and clear voice to President Trump. He soon after prayed for the vice-president’s family.

Graham strongly believes in Almighty Lord and that the Lord will make the nation great once again if we all turn our eyes and hearts to him and follow his words.

The Pelosi’s have always shown their intense hatred for President Trump. A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi accused Trump for following a cult, which she claims hijacked the Republican party’s agenda.

According to Pelosi, the GOP should regain control of its party for a better future. The Republican party is no longer the same as before.

The big irony is that Pelosi has always been a supporter of abortion. Everyone knows that she is a pro-abortion Democrat, which is in contrast to her claim on Thursday that everything she cares and does is for America’s children. Pelosi slammed President Donald Trump for his actions on the pandemic.

Pelosi has always supported the taxpayers’ fund abortion while still playing the role of a crucial disruptor for a new bill aiming to protect newborns from infanticide.

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  1. How can she be Catholic and support abortion? She is a vindictive,liar,backstabbing piece of 💩!! We want you to resign, you are not wanted by the American voters.! You are doing all you can to further separate our country!!


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