Now Denver Is Under Attack


Image Screenshot From Denver7 – The Denver Channel YouTube Video Below.

Political violence in forms of mob cruelty, attacks on the police, and destruction of public and private properties stretched outside Portland Seattle and reached up to Denver.

On Saturday night, the Mile High City witnessed another violence by the BLM anarchists under “peaceful protests.” The anarchists ran amok in the city, set fire, smashed windows, threw projectiles, and also used industrial-grade firearms on the police force. The mob created a total mess in the city, leaving the residents wholly terrified.

As darkness fell, the mob, which was demanding the police’s defunding, started vandalizing in the city. The mob carries the same agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and far-left radicalized Democratic party who always oppose individual freedom and are determined to remake America in their sick ways.

Like any other cities that have been the nerve points of mob violence, Denver has also been under the Democrats’ control for decades who have destroyed a once-great city with their liberal culture. The Democrats have even recently legalized the widespread of marijuana in Denver.

There was a point in that violent protest when one of the demonstrators threw a bicycle on the police riding a motorcycle.

According to Denver KUSA News: Police arrested nine people as rioters broke into fighting with police in downtown Denver.

The radical mob gathered in front of the Denver Police Department Headquarters on Saturday night and called for the police department’s abolition.

Marc Sallinger, the reporter of 9News, said that rioters set fire to the trees and an American national flag, broke windows, and threw fireworks at the authorities.

One officer got injured on the spot, but DPD hasn’t said anything about the injury’s severity.

The windows of Quiznos Sandwich shop near the Denver City and County building found utterly smashed.

In a post circulating online for “Give ’em hell,” the organizers call on the protesters to self-gear in the demonstration.

The post calls out Gov. Jared Polis, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Denver Department of Public Safety Executive Director Murphy Robinson, and several Denver City Council members who have not fulfilled their demand to eliminate the Police Department.

Clearly, these kinds of criminal acts and riots won’t stop spreading because the Democratic Party supports the violence indirectly and does not allow the police department to restore peace and the criminal justice system. Denver has just become the latest front in the Left’s war in America.

Meanwhile, in Portland, the Antifa guns have been keeping their war against the police. In the last weekend, they pelted police officers with debris and improvised their biological weapons, including balloons filled with feces.

President Trump recently condemned the violence, saying these riots are the anti-government movement influenced by the leftists who live in Democrats-run cities. The mayors need to allow the police to work. In such a scenario, the right decision would be to call in the federal government in solving the ongoing problem the fastest way possible.

The only sensible action is to seek help from the federal government and let the local law enforcement keep all the violence and mayhem under control.

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