Here We Go Again. Another Black Man Killed By Police


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The city of North Carolina has not been at peace lately. It is undoubtedly going through a tough time with many incidents and catastrophic cases.


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July 24, 2020, recorded another case. A video went viral throughout social media channels about a black man being shot dead by another police officer. The police officer belongs to the North Carolina Police Department. A dashboard camera recorded the footage and showed that the black man pointed a gun at the police officer who, in return, fired him.

It was a short period of time before the footage became viral and shared with the rest of the world. The footage was released on Wednesday when the officials of Roxboro declared an immediate state of emergency in the region. Furthermore, a few parts of the city enacted a state of curfew. The black man who was shot was identified to be David Brooks Jr. He was 45 years old.

The Viral Video

The video footage of the incident is only 46 seconds long.

It begins with Brooks standing on one side of the road. He had a white bag on his left hand. In the footage, the police officer was commanded by a black man to keep his gun down. The encounter was swift and loud. Both the men were screaming at each other to drop their weapons. However, the black man was not willing to listen. Consequently, the police officer fired a bullet at Brooks, and he fell to the ground.

A shotgun that was loaded and sawed-off was one of the few things spotted when the investigation began in the area. However, the investigation report did not reveal if the gun was owned by Brooks or otherwise. There are still a few gaps in the on-going investigation.

The curfew

The curfew began around 5 PM in Roxboro, on Tuesday evening. The limit was imposed only on selected areas in the city. The department of police determined the regions that are prone to create disorder. The curfew continued until 6 AM the next day. Currently, the curfew begins at 7 PM and lasts until the following day. Officials quoted that the curfew would be lifted only at 6 AM, Thursday.

The curfew was extremely important. The city council claimed that “outsiders” can disrupt the calm and laid-back environment maintained in Roxboro, even after the incident. WRAL made a proclamation too. Leaders from the police department claimed that there are chances of an imminent threat. The officers have predicted severe damage to both properties and lives in the region. These incidents heightened the need to immediately impose a curfew in the area.

There were multiple demonstrations in Roxboro, especially on the day Brooks was shot. Several individuals were arrested by the end of Saturday. This happened when a group of around 30 individuals with incendiary devices didn’t disperse when instructed by police officers. The Roxboro Police Department reported the details about this incident during a news release.

Before the Incident.

The officers received a call from David Hess, the Roxboro Police Chief, regarding a man wearing a mask and holding something that appeared to be a shotgun. The man was spotted walking on US Highway 158. Brooks was shot and did not survive, albeit given first aid. The wound on his chest was deep and fatal.

The two officers from the department are currently on paid leaves while the investigation is still on-going.

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  1. Now you have to ask if the gun is loaded? Got news for the people who think this way: Don’t point a gun at anyone unless you intend to use it. I believe I would have done what the officer did.


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