BREAKING: The Baltimore Ravens Condemn America


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Breonna Taylor’s homicide remains relevant as Baltimore Ravens made it pretty clear, after their statement on Thursday. The team calls for the immediate arrest of police officials responsible for the killing even for Jacob Blake, who was shot right before his three kids on Sunday, August 23rd.


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Baltimore Ravens demanded justice. Police officials involved in the shooting of Blake must be put behind bars. There’s not much difference between merciless killing and homicide without reason. The cops should not be spared, and the authorities need to call the shots now.

The famous NFL team made quite an impression with their statement. “It is not only about sports—high time to look into the bigger picture. Racism is not new in our country. Rather, it is deep-rooted in the foundation of the United States Of America. Now is the time to take the high road and ward off the odds. We must fight the problem head-on and do what’s right. Let’s bring in some positive changes. It is imperative to make the world a safe place. Act now. It is the only way to keep our belief in the authorities and the justice system of our nation.”

“Racial discrimination must be aborted right away. The incident of Jacob Blake is just another example of racism. Protests have been termed as riots and lawlessness. What if the protestors weren’t ‘Black?’ Why were the peaceful protestors maltreated? This is the time to act. We must stand together as a united front. We request all people and communities to come together and demand a stop to the anarchy. Doesn’t matter what religion, creed, race, or belief you are from. We have suffered enough. Let’s make it stop” – continued the team.

The team denounced America. The country has always been tainted with racism, and cleansing is much needed. Ousting President Trump from his own office is imperative as a good start, paving the way for a better and safer nation.

The shooting of Jacob Blake adds fuel to the fire. Shot by Officer Rusten Sheskey, Blake was grounded in front of his children. How worse could things be? Soon after, the Milwaukee Bucks chose to stay away and not play the match against Orlando Magic.

Unfortunately, there were more NFL teams from the pro-league dropping out. Instead of working their magic on the football field, these teams chose to contemplate and discuss social injustice’s nitty-gritty. According to them, it merely doesn’t seem to take a break in the US.

Next up was a bold statement from the Baltimore Ravens, which grabbed a lot of attention. Adam Schefter, chief insider, NSL, ESPN, retweeted the message by the Ravens. He further added, “It takes guts. Quite a bold remark by a sports team.”

Aren’t the ‘Ravens’ forgetting something? – asked the authorities. Baltimore, a place where crime rates are soaringly high. The team did not shy away from speaking loud and clear. “Majority of the team’s fans are racial bigots.”

Call it coincidence or planned timing. Right on the day when President Donald Trump was set to deliver his acceptance speech at the White House, in the Republican National Convention, the news blast went off. NBA teams quitting their own matches, bang on the speech’s day – sounds quite like a scheme.

It is 2020. The year has shown a lot. What’s worse now? Sports teams are not spared. Instead, they serve propaganda for the Democrats.

There’s no doubt that Americans are getting a clear picture of the nation’s current state of affairs. Sports, entertainment, and absolutely anything. Are the Democrats leaving any of the stones unturned to promote and market lies?

As for the Ravens or the NFL teams, taking the bench throughout the summers and calling out their admirers as racists – will it be worth it?

Only time will show whether the propaganda was well served or the ratings are going to be tanked.

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