Black NBA Player Shouts Racial Slur At White Player – Will He Be Suspended?


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Would Montrezl Harrell be suspended? If you’re not sure what we are referring to, you might have missed something significant.


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Montrezl Harrell, forward for LA Clippers, couldn’t hold his horses and hurled a racist comment against Luka Doncic, the Slovenian star for Dallas Mavericks. They got into a brawl during the match, and what happened next left us mindblown.

Harrell made an abusive remark, also considered racist. He called Luka a ‘Bitch ass white boy.’ Now, that’s a pretty serious offense. Derogatory comments on a basketball court are undeniably objectionable.

Along with the video, the tweet went viral, with a million angry viewers waiting for the NBA to call the shots. It is no surprise because slurs are more than typical in basketball courts. Players commonly use gay slurs, but it is high time to take action.

If it were a reverse scenario, mobs would be flooding the streets by now. Had Doncic mumbled ‘Bitch ass black boy’ to Montrezl, social media would have been instantly on fire. So why is Harrell being spared the criticisms and allegations? If it were Luka on the spot, he surely would have received his suspension letter effective immediately. Isn’t this injustice?

Didn’t the NBA encourage both Trump and Biden’s campaigns as a golden issue? Joe Biden was anguished and obliged to the radical race-baiters in the party. If the Democratic party truly stands for the cause, why isn’t the NBA playoff game issue right in the spotlight?

NBA needs to take serious actions promptly. They need to prove that the concept of equality is not merely a slogan on LeBron’s pair of sneakers. The suspension is the way to go. By keeping Harrell suspended for the whole season, the NBA impacts a powerful message to all the players. No one would dare make racial abuse.

For a few Harrell supporters and the team, LA Clippers perceive the comment as no big deal. It was likely a trash talk in the spur of the moment, but unacceptable and incredibly wrong — such hypocrisy.

Jay Williams, a former NBA player and the present analyst at ESPN, wonderfully took the lead. He called out Harrell on popular social media platforms.

Williams bravely made a statement, “I can only imagine the consequences if it was Luka who hurled Montrezl with racist remarks. Since the nation is already struggling to deal with ‘Black Lives Matter.’ If it was Luka, not only would he be putting up with massive backlash on social media. He certainly would have been suspended by now. There’s no doubt that Doncic would also lose his credibility and his career eventually.”

Trez making a race-based comment on a Caucasian player is not a big story. Why? Sadly, there’s no concrete answer that we all need. If racial discrimination and racist comments are perjury, then why is Harrell being spared?

Most of Harrell fans turned a deaf ear. Even influential people like Doug Gottlieb, a commentator at CBS Sports, tweeted – “It’s just a game. Things happen. It has got nothing to do with racism.” But, stop and think about it for a second – would the scenario remain the same if the white boy made such comments?

Everything is caught on tape. Harrell remarked, and it was undeniably racist. Giving Trez a free pass, instead of suspension just shows how double-standard the body (NBA) is.

Not to miss – head coach of Clippers, Mr. Doc Rivers spoke to the reporters. He said that as a coach, he has talked to Montrezl about his language. You need to watch your words Trez, he added.

That’s the end of the story — no dismissal, no suspension, and certainly not enough backlash. The question is — whose lives matter now? Is justice one-sided?

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