Yes, Biden Said the N-Word on National TV!


The Officer Tatum – YES HE SAID N***** ON NATIONAL TV

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If Trump said this, even by mistake, they would have impeached him for it.

You asked the wrong question. It’s more like “who ran him for president?”

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  1. Biden is a joke. The world is laughing at him. He is not fit fo office. Neither is Kamala. We are in very deep trouble if we get rid of them. Pelosi would be president. Pray people that never happens. If that ever happens. For sure there will be a civil war

  2. Where is the medical report that says he is fit to serve? What is the tax payor white house doctor saying? No address to the union speech? Get’s propped to sign executive mandates and then sent back to his room . Who are people behind the this masquerade? What war will this idiot cause???


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