WOW: Watch Nadler Have a Fit When Questioned on Court Packing!


On Wednesday, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan finally confronted House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler about the Democrats’ plans to pack the Supreme Court.

“It’s been reported by the D.C. Bureau Chief for The Intercept, Ryan Grim,” Jordan began. “I understand it’s not always wise to believe what’s said on Twitter, but he’s reporting that the Democrats will be introducing legislation to expand the Supreme Court from nine members to 13 members and that you and two of our members on this committee will be sponsoring that legislation. Is that accurate?”

Nadler refused to answer the questions and instead repeatedly pounded the gavel, calling out, “Order.”

“This is not the appropriate time. That is not the subject of the markup,” Nadler said as he chose to ignore the congressman and his questions.

This temper tantrum seems ill-fitting for a chairperson to do.

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