WOW: Stacey Abrams is Back with Yet Another Trump Attack…


On Tuesday morning, failed Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams appeared on The View to once again attack former President Donald Trump.


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“It’s very dangerous what’s going on right now,” said host Joy Behar. “This comes down to Republicans needing to back Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen.”

“Senator Lindsey Graham says the Republican Party can’t grow without Trump. Is he right? Is he right? Why are they clinging to the cult of Trump, may I ask?” Behar asked, before adding: “He is a loser.”

“I think the attention to Donald Trump is a symptom. It is not, however, the disease. The symptom is that he found a shortcut to leadership. He found a shortcut to actually doing the work. He decided that the only way to win was not by adapting to the populous that he was to serve, it was about gaming the system to remove voters he found inconvenient. That is what the insurrection on January 6 was about,” Abrams replied.

“The fact we are watching the Republican Party, one of the two standard-bearers for our democracy, rest their hopes on success by removing their own people from leadership rather than listening and adapting and internalizing what should be a natural belief in the United States—that every vote counts and that no voter should be impeded from being able to cast an eligible ballot—that should be deeply concerning to people of all parties,” she continued.

Of course, this comes only days after she said that she “absolutely” sees running for President as an “ambition” when asked.

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