WOW: Look at the Hidden Warnings in Biden’s Address…


According to Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck, President Joe Biden’s first joint address to Congress was a “carefully crafted speech” and “a little schizophrenic.”

“It was only schizophrenic because they were saying the things that people want to hear, and then saying the things they have to say to be able to have a complete storyline,” Beck began. “This is probably the most important speech a president has given. And, it’s the biggest warning any progressive—Marxist—anyone who wants to thwart America has ever given.”

Beck then claims that paying attention is crucial “if you want to be prepared for what’s coming,” signaling just how serious the carefully laid traps are. According to him, four things were “set up.”

The host continued, “First, white supremacy is a plague, and it is the biggest danger. In fact, he said, ‘White supremacists are the most lethal threat to America.’”

Then, Beck asked, “How do you define a white supremacist?” before explaining that a white supremacist is “anyone who denies that there is some white indoctrination and systematic racism.” 

“If you deny those things, you are a racist, a white supremacist,” Beck added.

“Second thing. He’s questioning whether our democracy works. He wants it to work, but he’s not sure if it does,” he continued. “Third, China is the threat and the model. And they are not waiting around. Four, we have to act now. Or our system doesn’t work.”

After summarizing the four points, Beck explained them further. “First, if you’re a white supremacist, you believe in the republic, you believe in the system of merit, that we should be judged not by our skin color, but by the content of our character. He continued, “You believe in the founding documents. You believe that the amendments are absolute. Those rights are absolute. They come from God, not the government. That is going to be more and more defined as a white supremacist.”

“Now, when he said our democracy doesn’t work… He’s saying people are questioning all around the world, ‘Can a democracy work?’ So that’s the framework of the speech. So every time that he said—you’ll notice, he said it a lot—’The world won’t wait. We’ve got to make these changes now,’” he added.

During his joint address to Congress, Biden had said, “I’d like to meet with those who have ideas that are different and that they think are better. I welcome those ideas, but the rest of the world is not waiting for us. I want to be clear. Doing nothing is not an option. We can’t be so busy competing with one another that we forget that the competition we have here is the rest of the world to win the 21st century.”

“He said over and over again, ‘We have to have the courage to act now. We can’t wait.’ He made it very clear China is the threat. And the possible model, if we can’t get our crap together,” Beck continued. “The fourth thing was: we have to change. And we are competing, so we have to act right now. The whole theme of this was crisis and opportunity.”

Stressing the importance of “crisis and opportunity,” Beck explained, “The opportunity is to change, to transform. He then spent an hour making the case on why we need to transform because the world has changed. All of that is true. But people are questioning whether democracy can make it in the 21st century.”

“And so, he laid down a challenge… What he’s saying is our democracy doesn’t work because it’s too slow, and so we have all of these things. We have the chance right now to heal our country from white supremacy. And all we have to do is pass this bill right now, put it on my desk, let me sign it. But do it now,” Beck said. “We have the chance to heal our wounded economy, but the only way to do it is to pass this $2 trillion bill, and you’ve got to do it right now because the world’s not going to wait. The world is going to pass us.”

He then summarized, “All of these things that he outlined last night, basically it’s this. If you believe in the republic, you are a threat to the nation, and we will find you and stop you.”

According to Beck, this was what Biden meant by his speech: “When we pass these things, you will work for the government… You will be working for the government, and the government will silence you; if you disagree. Anyone who stands in the way congressionally through the court system will take action against it because the world won’t wait. We’re at a critical point.”

“Well, we are at a critical point, and this is the point. We decide whether we are going to be free or not. I would put my money on the table and never bet against a free America, the entrepreneur, and the spirit of America. I would never bet against that, especially against any autocratic rule. It might look bad for a time, but if we are free and the government is out of our way, there is nothing we can’t accomplish,” Beck concluded.

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  1. What he’s saying is our democracy doesn’t work because it’s too slow, and so we have all of these things.

    Really! Explain to me how it is that we are the most advanced nation on the face of the earth while the others play catch up? Democrats are trying to send us backwards with the help of the wealthy and the BIG business. Where do you think they got all of their wealth?

    Pay attention to the articles of late and discussions of late by those currently claiming power. Joe n Kamel are simply an extension of BO, and baby Bush also for that matter. They all despise Trump and those who voted for him because he was having none of their BS tactics used to destroy the United States.

    Look how baby Bush grew the government in the name of safety while he put us in endless wars to attempt to get revenge for his father.

    BO did more damage than any president I can think of. He divided this nation more than any other individual ever.

    Hildabeast was supposed to be a shoe in. When the Left was told to take a hike, they spent 4 years spending/wasting our tax money on trying to destroy the duly elected Trump instead of righting wrongs. 4 wasted years by the “partisan” dems and RINO’s, and and a lot of wasted dollars.

    These are my views. Please do some research and form your own thoughts before the democrats tell you what your thoughts are and if you’re even allowed to have any.

  2. Senile Joe is way off in the head. The United States has NEVER been a democracy. It’s a representative republic and it does work. If this country were a democracy, the top 10 Marxist states would be running the whole country and they wouldn’t have had to steal the election to install their puppet. And the reason our government is slow to act most of the time is because it was intentionally set up that way. The system is designed to prevent some senile brain dead communist puke bag from making stupid knee jerk decisions.


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