WOW: DC Liberals Outraged to See This New Billboard Pop Up…


In Calvert County, Maryland, a billboard located near the intersection of Route 4 and Bowie Shop Road in Huntingtown has become the subject of controversy.


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Of course, it’s mainly caused a commotion among the liberals as it shows cartoon versions of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in feces.


“It’s just vulgar. It doesn’t reflect Calvert County,” said the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee chairwoman, Jeanette Flaim. “Kids are going to school, and they’re going by it every day, and parents are driving their kids. We just don’t think kids should have to see that or parents should have to explain that.”

But, according to county commissioners, Flaim and other residents may not have a choice.

“There is nothing that we as county government can do for language that’s on a legal sign,” Board of County Commissioners President Buddy Hance said, citing a 2015 Supreme Court Decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert.

“You know this country was built on the foundation of free speech, and sometimes we like what that free speech says and sometimes we don’t,” he added.

Of course, Flaim claims that it is not just a free speech issue. “We have not complained about any other signs,” she said. “It’s this sign we think is, again, damaging to all of us, all of us in Calvert. The GOP, the Independents, everybody.”

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  1. If you did not want signs like this, maybe you should not have forced the rest of the country to deal with these dictators? They have already cost Americans their jobs, are in process of destroying our economy, ignoring the Constitution and our rights, and are pushing the stratosphere with the illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. To say that you give a flying fig for the country is a massive lie. You just don’t want to hear what the people are thinking.

  2. The Democraps don’t like it because it is TRUTH. They know it to be TRUTH and that is why they don’t like the sign. The FACT is that description belongs to every Democrap in America. They also know they CHEATED these two into office so they can’t blame it on anyone else. That is the third g that bothers them the most is they broke the Law to get these two IGNORANT BY CHOICE FOOLS in office and now they must SUFFER as everyone else does with their IGNORANT DECISIONS.

  3. Remember that Pedo Joe and the Ho were elected via CHEATING because of their HATE of President Trump, Americans and America in general. So they have only their WILLFULLY IGNORANT SELVES to blame.

  4. Now if Texas can beat that poster with a cow paddy with a wagon track through the middle of it would be appropriate.

  5. I love the fact that the libtards are upset and worried that their children will see the word, “sh$$heads”, when it was okay for them to see “f$$$ Trump”!! They are such HYPOCRITES!!


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