WOW: Biden’s Jobs Numbers are So Bad CNBC Thought it was a Typo…



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– Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reports, Joe Biden’s most recent job’s report was so bad that left-wing CNBC thought it was a typo. I guess they are used to President Donald Trump’s stellar numbers!

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Why would anybody want to get back to work when they’re making more money sitting on their ass.

I am handicapped and cant work due to being shot in the head but I live in Central Illinois where we are not locked down and the majority of our Businesses are still open because we stopped listening to Treasonous DemoRats

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  1. We have a fraudulent senile idiot who is trying to out do Jimmy Carter and Obama for the most incompetent president award. No way it could be a typo.

  2. Biden’s BS infrastructure agenda,10% for repair, rebuilt, new construction, 90% Democrat slush fund wish list, result in bankruptcy, higher taxes, destroyed American economy. Put people back to work, complete the wall, complete the keystone pipe line. Stop giving hard earned tax payor monies away to Iran, China, Hamas, and Russia. Building the school teachers union, college, university slush funds, is not fooling any of the the American Public. China joe, Sleepy joe, Lying joe, Basement joe, Creepy joe. the names go on forever, but he is really Chicken shit joe, keep that fence up in DC joe, but don’t protect our Southern Border. “Did not take long for crazy democrats to screw up our entire economy”, now they are screwing up “international structures”. Biden lacks a sound mind to make decisions, he is about as anti American one can be, who is really calling the shots for this brain dead person? Let’s take a look at current news reporting events, Kerry “tells all” to Iran about Israel’s “secret raids” against Iran, Biden then starts payments to Palestine, giving them funds to buy rockets for Hamas from Iran using them in attacks against Israel. Biden shuts down keystone pipe line, Colonial pipe line gets shut down, guess Kerry will take solar panels down south instead of gasoline, Biden will issue electric cars for all Illegals so that they won’t be inconvenience by current events. Who is calling the shots at the white House ? Why is Biden off limits to the press questions? Why are the white house visit/ phone logs off limit to the public? Time for real change, Time for real leadership.


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