WIN: Unhinged PBS Executive is Fired…


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James O’Keefe’s recent expose caused a PBS top executive’s dismissal after releasing a video of him suggesting political repressions against the conservative voters.


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Project Veritas, the investigative journalist, interviewed now-former PBS Counsel Michael Beller, who called on BLM and Antifa to “throw Molotov cocktails” at the White House.

“Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, Homeland Security will take their children away,” said the former PBS executive in the released video, adding to put them in re-education camps.

Beller also suggested Chinese-style labor camps for the president’s supporters, apart from making false claims about the coronavirus.

“Enlightenment camps. They’re nice. They have Sesame street. You know most people are dumb,” said Beller.

“What’s great is that COVID is spiking in all the red states, or a lot of them are sick and dying.”

The former top executive’s political bias has raised a ruckus and ethical concerns since PBS is funded by all American taxpayers regardless of political leanings.

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