Why Not? The Media Did Not Cover Davon McNeal’s Death?



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– To Democrats, Black lives really DON’T matter; Benny Johnson exposes the party’s virtue signaling double standards.

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I am a black man and I am so tired of the Dems saying I’m supposed to feel repressed like I’m not as good as anyone else they try to make me mad a white people and at the world I woke up last year and will never go back I have changed my kids to not listen to any of this they have changed there outlook on life and are doing great they will not be let them drag them down.

My heart goes out to Devon and his family 💔

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  1. In the dems minds if they say something often enough it’s suppose to be true and you are a moron to think for yourself and believe otherwise. The only idiots out there are rioters with no brains to figure out where their actions are leading the nation. If they were smart enough they could realize nothing good will be accomplished and their cause is fruitless. Just keep supporting the mansion buyers.


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