Why is Kamala Harris Introduced as ‘Asian-American’ Now


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

In the recent inauguration, Kamala Harris, now US Vice President, was suddenly introduced as Asian-American.

During the campaign period, Harris was touted as an African-American vice president to persuade the minority communities of their votes.

However, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) dramatically introduced her as the “first African American, first Asian-American, and first woman Vice President.” Now, we think they could label her depending on who they’re trying to win over.

Twitter users exploded to debate.

Even the far-left took notice and begrudgingly saw this as a negative impact.

According to Tariq Nasheed, as the liberal pivot back to Harris’s Asian descent, it sure wouldn’t look good for the Foundational Blacks at all.

So, there. Regret always comes last.

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