Whoopi Goldberg’s Pro Abortion vs. Vaccine Mandate Rants…


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HodgeTwins – The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Pro Abortion vs. Vaccine Mandate Rants

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Whoopi has become an angry fat bitter woman. I stopped watching anything she did 30+ years ago.

Those women are miserable

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  1. Why would anyone care what this piece of dung says or does?? Another left wing idiot!! MAGA 1 of 74,000,000 Plus American Patriots, red, yellow, black and white who have had enough, ready to right the ship and get rid of BLM,ANTIFA, KKK, SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS, YELLOW BACK STABBING REPUBLICANS! LOCKED, LOADED, “DRY POWDER” COMING NOW WHILE THERE IS SOMETHING TO SAVE!!

  2. It must be a horrible thing to be as hateful and deranged as what she is. Can anyone imagine going thru life like this? Hateful and just everything? Why is this show still on? It should have been taken off years ago. No one will really miss it or any of those nasty, ugly old women. So sad.

  3. For these pro abortion morons it is all about freedom to choose, but with vaccine it is just the opposite, no freedom to choose in any way. Do exactly what tyrannical government says and shut up. See the hypocrisy?


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