Who Was that Nodding Mystery Lady at Trump’s Town Hall?


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If you had watched President Donald Trump’s “town hall” — which turned out to be more of a debate — on NBC last Thursday night, you’d have seen the woman in a red mask behind Trump who nodded in agreement with his answers as he sparred with “moderator” Savannah Guthrie.

The woman in the red mask was coined as the “nodding mystery lady,” and she quickly went viral on social media.

This particular clip from Robby Starbuck already has more than 54,000 views since it was posted. According to him, “the lady nodding her head” must have been driving Democrats insane.


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In fact, another Twitter user responded to his post and shared a tweet by Katie Couric, a Democrat who indeed found the lady “distracting.”

One Twitter user called the nodding mystery lady the “shining light in this town hall.”

Jonathan T Gilliam, SiriusXM host and former Navy SEAL, also shared his opinion on Twitter.

On and on it went, as people kept tweeting about the “nodding mystery lady,” wondering about who she could possibly be.

As it turns out, the “nodding mystery lady” had actually met Trump before the “town hall” began, and posted a video of a short discussion with him on her Facebook page.

Her name is Joli Mayra, and she’s an immigration attorney in Miami, who has declared herself a “Trump activist.”

“We have your back! You are the best! I’m from the Dominican Republic, but I’m American. I’m an American,” she tells Trump.

“Sammy Sosa? A friend of mine,” Trump replies.

“Sammy Sosa — he endorsed me. Mr. President, I was running for Congress and he endorsed me!” Joli shouts back.

Bo Snerdley of the Rush Limbaugh Show, another Twitter user, posted that not only did Joli run for Congress, she’s also an “ex-beauty queen who ran for Congress.”

I don’t think there could be a much better proof of how much Trump has done for America than a woman of color who supports him and claims herself to be a “Trump activist.”

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