Who is the Most Powerful Person in Florida Right Now?


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Bannons War Room DeSantis Is The Most Powerful Person In Florida Right Now

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DeSantis is the most successful governor in the U.S. Florida is referred to as the freest state in the union because DeSantis resist all the unsupported covid federal mandates. Our hearts and good wishes go to Mrs DeSantis in her fight with cancer.

There was a time I wanted DeSantis to run for president. But now, I hope he focuses on being governor. I would love for him to become the leader of the governors, and call for a convention of states to pull back power to the states. I was never a Trump supporter, until Biden. When I look soberly at the Fascist Woke Cult, I ask myself, who is willing to get into the mud with the fascists and win a slugfest with that kind of Evil. You may not like my reasoning, but there it is. Trump2024. The Two Term, 3 time winner of the US presidency.

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