White House Releases a Man with Nails and a White Skirt to Get Kids Vaxxed…


Image From Video Below…

The Next News Network – Spencer Brown from Townhall reports, Earlier this summer, the White House announced a new front in the Biden administration’s campaign to get more Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus — social media influencers.

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They want to SHRED every last moral fiber of this country….LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!!!!!!

We already know how low the Biden administration is willing to go. This is not surprising.

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  1. Can we get anymore disgusting? Is there a lower rung on the moral ladder for our pretender in the white House to stand on? If you want respect, give respect but don’t shove your lifestyle down our throats. Keep your vaxgirls and Drag Queen story tellers out of our schools. Overkill never sold anything good.

  2. Biden is a very SICK man and needs to be removed from office. This drag queen is disgusting, This is not something you let your Children see. Biden has NO MORALS —- IMPEACH BIDEN

  3. When evil becomes good and good becomes evil the country will fall. This is pure evil. The devil is running the white house. Lord come quickly and save us from this evil.

  4. This is a perfect representation of how low and degraded the present Administration is. This man should never have been elected. He does not care about the country, our rights, our freedoms, all that so many Americans since before the Revolution till now have fought for and died.

    We All, all Americans, need to spread the word as much as we can, and this clown in the white shirt should be forefront in all of our public distributions to highlight how contemptible the administration is. He should become the symbol for all American of how rotten the government has become.

    Every honest God-loving American needs to vote all of these rotten mongrels out of office over the next couple of elections! Remember, as bad as this president is, every Democrat member of congress and the senate are equally culpable. Also remember, the president DOES NOT make the laws, Congress does!

    “We the people” need to clean house while there is still time.


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