Whistleblower Comes Forward to Reveal Biden’s Shocking Military Plans…


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The Next News Network – The Daily Wire reports, Space Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who was fired after criticizing the U.S. military for the Marxism he claims has infiltrated the ranks, spoke to Fox News on Monday night about some of the things allegedly being taught in the U.S. military that caused him to speak out.

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Everyone of those people took an oath to the constitution. They need to go!

I trust Mexican tap water or a mixed drink from Bill Cosby more than I trust Biden.

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  1. Look. I was (retired) in the military and now working at the VA, which is run similar to the military. I going to say BS on this guy. As far as erasing names on military’s posts and schools. I believe it is because we are getting better educated on why certain posts and schools are getting named such. hell, I was at Bragg for 6 years and my nephew went Robert E Lee high school in Texas. And yes, I know who Robert E Lee is. But the also called that school the volunteer school. A play on terms?? I don’t know. We still see the same “education” videos that the military sees and react to it. So there is no radical views in place or being push on people. Now there are extremist in any society, culture and even in families. I know that what he saying is so untrue. I would like to see OER and see what he has really been up to. He could have taken his concerns higher up, in writing, to anyone in charge or even congress.


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