What’s Next for the GOP?


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As the Dems prepare to take over the White House, Senate, and House, GOP begins to finger point and accuse its members why their path suddenly became dark. 


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Republicans who controlled the legislatures in the battleground states hardly put up a fight even when they have the constitutional right to set the rules. Instead, they urged voters to vote the old-fashioned way. As Vernon Jones said, they unilaterally disarmed.

In fairness, President Trump mustered the largest national vote ever assembled by a Republican at 75 million votes. Kevin McCarthy made an all-star slate of candidates, Mitch McConnell raised large funds, and Ronna McDaniel’s efforts paid off on her most impressive get-out-the-vote.

However, according to former congressman and Trump Cabinet secretary Tom Price, all of those couldn’t overcome a rewired electoral system in the battleground states, as shown in the Georgia runoffs. 

Price told Just the News that the Dems “leap-frogged Republicans’ process, strategy, technology and tactics, and that is to the credit of folks on the Democratic side.” He said that the left perfected harvesting and believes that the harvesting of absentee ballots trampled the Republicans even when they won Election Day and in-person voting.

An added advantage to the liberals is their alliance with the mainstream media, Big Techs, and the permanent government bureaucracy to control the narrative, regardless of whether it is true.

Owning the information superhighway was far more powerful than campaign in person or spend funds.

Experts then advise the Republicans to stop blaming, own the narrative, and change the rules.

Former Kansas attorney general Phill Kline led the Amistad Project in challenging some of the Democrat’s rule changes. Kline said that the GOP legislatures in the swing states must impose their constitutional right to set the election rules.

Universal mail ballots must be limited only to those who really need them. Voter IDs should be a requirement. Exemptions and legal settlements must also be required to be approved by the legislature.

“I think the discipline of the party should be all about de-powering Washington and empowering the states, especially the state legislatures,” said Kline.

The conservatives must also build their own information infrastructure that rivals that of the liberals – a press that honestly covers and delivers channels similar or even better than YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Since then, new services emerged, like Parler, Rumble, Citizen Free Press, and Real America’s Voice, which continue to attract millions of users. They need to grow gradually along with trusted news sources so that the conservatives could have a bullhorn to the next generations. 

“We are just playing to a draw,” explained Price. “We are not reaching a lot of folks.

And we have to be creative about how we reach them, and I think we’ve got to be able to control a lot of that messaging, and right now, we don’t.”

Also, conservative donors must begin a new approach similar to Bloomberg NGOs and Soros’s ROI model. If proven effective, their millions won’t just enrich consultants but would have measurable outcomes. Civic educations and state legislators empowerment needed funding.

“Funding on the left seems much more strategic than funding on the right, which is predominantly tactical,” Steve Handler explained. He had advised several high-net-worth Republican donors. 

Hantler said the liberal elites had controlled power in education, media, and entertainment for decades. The left has used the same power to indoctrinate massive Americans against their founding values.

“Now is not the time for hand-wringing and finger-pointing. Now is the time for honest, critical self-evaluation,” he concluded. 

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