What the Left is Ignoring About Slain Capitol Police Officer


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On Thursday, officer Brian Sicknick of the US Capitol Police died from injuries sustained during the Capitol building riot. The Democrats have called Sicknick a martyr of the #Resistance against President Trump and his supporters, but the reality is much more complicated than that.


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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi described Sicknick’s death as a reminder of the need to “protect our country from all threats, foreign and domestic.” Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden implied that whoever backs Trump supports “an all-out assault on the institutions of our democracy.”

However, neither Biden nor Pelosi spoke of the fact that Sicknick was a Trump supporter himself. This was announced by his friend Caroline Behringer shortly after his death. He did not share the views of the #Resistance, and he had written letters opposing Trump’s impeachment.

Although the Democrats claim to honor him, they have not mentioned these facts. The straightforward reason being: acknowledging these facts would undermine their efforts to label the 75 million Trump supporters as a domestic threat.

Six months after Sicknick graduated from high school in 1997, he joined the Air National Guard, where he was deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan. In letters that he had later written to the editor of his hometown paper, he showed how he was disillusioned with the country’s leaders that he served.

A few years later, in 2001, he told of his attempt to gain help from representatives in a dispute with his then-employer: “I have written a staggering number of letters to elected officials in both the state and federal governments. Only one state senator responded. This is one of the main reasons I will not be enlisting for a second term in the National Guard. I am no longer going to risk my life in hostile environments for a government that does not care about the troops.”

In 20013, Sicknick said, “Our troops are stretched very thin, and morale is dangerously low among them. I’m starting to see an increasing trend of US soldiers asking, ‘Why are we still here?’ ”

Over the years, he had come to believe that the United States was taking part in an “unnecessary war.” He denounced the “arrogant oil hacks that occupy the White House” and complained that the Bush administration had “its hands grasped firmly on the puppet strings of conservative senators.”

“I believe we should have regime change right here in America,” he had then concluded.

In 2004, he scoffed at Team Bush’s proposal to revive space exploration. When “the health-care system is in shambles, and many Americans have simply given up looking for jobs,” why go to space? Why not simply focus on what’s here?

After the 9/11 incident and the Commission Report, his anger only grew. He wrote, “Proven ­intelligence failures regarding the war in Iraq and Sept. 11 are troublesome. Why is it that I doubt any jobs will be lost over this? Why is it that I doubt an impeachment would happen? Why do I think the issue will soon be forgotten?”

Sicknick had served the country and observed the government’s workings, and he had come to believe that the leaders of the United States of America are only out for their self-interests.

While the left has portrayed Sicknick as a martyr for the #Resistance, they have ignored and kept hidden that he was a Trump supporter.

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