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The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports It’s become the “laurel or yanny” controversy of 2021. Joe Biden has spoken a lot of nonsense in his short time as president but never before has he made Americans unsure if he’s even speaking English anymore.

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If anything came out of the 2020 election, its the fact that Trump revealed the true colors of this government, and its not red,white, and blue… 🇺🇸

I heard Biden clearly say “my butt’s been wiped.” he-he-he-he-he

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  1. There aren’t enough words to describe this excuse for a president. Words that are unfit to print, would immediately shut me down by that smug faceless book and his twerps’. But Almighty God by all His Power & Might, will be their ultimate Judge. So for this lame, mumbling, disgraceful liar who has no business in The People’s House, his days are numbered.

  2. I listened to it and to me it sounds like: “my wife’s a butt”. But who figures what he actually said, probably not even he can remember.

  3. My dad at 91 was in a similar mental state. I’m appalled that his family allowed him to be put in this position. My dear husband eventually had to help dad, who was once so self sufficient, ‘clean himself’. As dad grew to be more dependent on him for this he became rather obsessed about these bathroom issues. It makes perfect sense to me that Biden said what everyone believes he heard. As much as I abhor his policies and his handlers, I have a hard time finding it funny as it hits so close to home.

  4. This is no surprise. Biden has always been incoherent! The shame and embarrassment is on the USA and WE the PEOPLE allowing this fraud to be in office and continue for the rest of his term. His passed 6 months governing has almost destroyed OUR economy and positioned the collapse of our legal system to move to socialism/ communism. This can’t continue much longer before our military is subjected to decay/destruction and China moves on us. The GUN GRAB is to prevent WE THE PEOPLE from defending our rights, CONSTITUTION, and COUNTRY against a socialism/communism take over.
    If you have any doubts about the 2020 elections being comprised do some real research. Just ask why so many politicians are against election audits? Because it will reveal the truth!!! Which several audits have already expose numerous errors that support fraud. According to many scientific/medical reports the vaccines are not safe and efficient. There are numerous articles about disabling side effects after taking the vaccines. Many that have received two shots are still catching the new China flus and dying from these China flus.
    Now, Isreal wants to give everyone a third shot. And then it moves on further. Protect yourself from this total destruction and stand together. God Bless America and Patriots.

  5. I realize some people may not think this behavior by senile Joe is funny because some people have had to deal with this from a close family member. But how many people would allow a man whose mind is almost gone become a president (through election theft) and be put on the world stage for EVERYONE to see this country has an incoherent boob as it’s leader? And senile Joe has made his money off the backs of the taxpayers through theft and graft plus stealing another man’s wife. Then there’s his racism, which his puppet masters are trying to hide, and his support of baby killing all while pretending to be a good Catholic. The reason this is funny is because looking at his history, it’s all catching up to him for the whole world to see what a horrible stupid corrupt person he is. Some people call it Karma. I call it comedy.

  6. Well what is all is about is, after the hospice people got Him fed His morning oatmeal and a handful a stool softener along with I am sure another 50 or 60 pills just to keep Ol Pedo going.Anyway, after all of that but, and this is the big one here! They were just so proud that Ol Joe made a POOP POOP before they got him dressed for the day and got Him all cleaned up and YES, they got His but wiped (I hope with a roll of Ol Pedo Bidy toilet paper) so they had told Him how proud they were of Him for going POOP POOP before they dressed Him that He was so excited He had done something rite! He just had to boast about it!!


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