WH Reporter Confirms: Biden’s Dementia is Worse than We All Thought


Last week, a meeting was held at the White House to discuss the worsening border crisis.


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As usual, during the meeting, President Biden blamed the migrant surgeon, former President Trump. And, to make matters worse, Biden even lied about the crisis.

After lying through his teeth, Biden seemed to lose himself again. As a result, his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, was left with no choice but to make the press leave the room.

“Now we’re going to get down to business here, and—Ron, who am I turning this over to?”

Biden asked his Chief of Staff. Klein responded, “Thank you very much, Mr. President. I think it’s time for our friends in the press to leave now. Thank you.”

Still, it gets even worse.

As Fox News reporter Peter Doocy said, Biden had no idea he was holding a press conference.

“The eve of his first solo press conference as president a few minutes ago, somebody shouted out to [Biden], ‘How are you getting ready for your press conference?’ and he said, ‘What press conference?’” Doocy reported.

This is just another instance showing us how far gone Biden is. With so many videos of him getting confused live, how do the liberals expect us to believe he’s the same man they say he is?

The whole world is watching because it’s not just our problem if the free world leader has dementia. After all, how can the president of one of the strongest nations be someone who isn’t even himself?

As Blaze TV’s Slightly Offensive host Elijah Schaffer said, “This is the man who beat Trump?”

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