We Must Ask This Question about the Pandemic


Rudy W. Giuliani – WE MUST ASK THIS QUESTION About The Pandemic


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Who else wants to see sleepy Joe Biden, Graham, Hunter Biden, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates, Hillary, McConnell, Cuomo, Jack, Schumer, Zuckerberg, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris in prison?

I am an immigrant that fled Egypt during the disastrous 2011 revolution, and luckily I was able to come to this great country with my family. We fled mainly because the prosecution of Christians was getting to an extreme level where at least two churches were being attacked each week. So we came here to live and worship freely but what is happening now is very worrying. And it is scary to think about because this is America, meaning the second you lose your freedoms here then hope is lost all over the world.

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