Watters Message to Americans: Storm the Castle


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Jesse Watters began his Fox News FNC show by calling on all Americans to “storm the castle.” According to him, Americans need to demand accountability and rise.

“You get the government you deserve. We elect these people and rarely demand change. And when they sabotage a president who actually changed things, we don’t rebel; we don’t march, we don’t resist. We watch it on TV. Our form of protest is just changing the channel… We used to storm the ‘castle’ over abuses of power like this. Now we raid the fridge,” he began.

“So in 2021, let’s relight that great American spirit,” he said. “Let’s stand up to this den of thieves because they’ll keep robbing us blind until we actually do something about it. Many Americans sit there and take it. Why? This isn’t who we are. That’s not who our forefathers were. It’s not the American spirit.”

Below is a video of Watters’s show. You’d better watch it now while you can because all other videos are being deleted even as you read this.

And he’s right. Our forefathers would have declared war by now.

We have grown complacent. We’ve gotten so used to social media that typing out “angry tweets” or calling out people on social media has replaced calling those accountable in person, confronting them, and forcing them to explain themselves and take responsibility for their actions.

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We need to trace our roots and make our forefathers proud. We need to step out of the virtual world, get more involved in the “real world,” and start holding those who wrong us accountable.

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