Watch: While Ripping Bibles, Liberals Chase Conservatives Off Campus…


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Charlie Kirk – WATCH: Conservatives Chased off College Campus By Students Ripping Apart Bible

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It’s funny, the kids were taught not to bully…but now they are the biggest bullies and punks

“Because you’re hating on everyone,” as she chases a Christian after spitting on a Bible?

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  1. Spitting is an assault, and destroying public or private property is a crime. These “bullies” should be fined and expelled from the campus.

  2. God will NOT be mocked, wouldn’t want to be those brain dead morons ripping up a Bible and chasing Christians off campus…where is the outrage at these intolerable bigots, hey I need a few things at the store, let’s go riot…whose with me?

    • PRAY she is on the road to Damascus that she will be struck down by the light of God whom is the one she is persecuting by spitting on the bible!! Saul killed Christians and on the road to Damascus was blinded by the light for 3 days! After God restored his sight he was now the God fearing disciple called Paul!

  3. Those liberal retards showed absolutely no class or any sign of an IQ with there hateful and vulgar rhetoric while denying the conservative his right to free speech and destroying his Bible! Do you honestly think any of them have ever read our Constitution? What a bunch of retarded scumbags they showed themselves to be. Who was hating on whom???

  4. I would like to make a suggestion to all parents with college age kids! Dont waste your money on college for your kids they are not being taught anything except how to hate and be narrow minded and intolerant.


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