Watch: Video of Teachers Union Head Dropping His Own Kid off at School


Fox News – Tucker Carlson shares footage of California teachers union president, Matt Meyer, who led school closure charge seen dropping daughter off at in-person preschool.

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In your lesson today, we will be studying about the word “hypocrisy”.

Head of the Teachers Union? Anyone thinking this guy is the poster child for why public schools are failing?

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  1. I guess this proves one thing even morons know how to produce children. He must have got tired of baby sitting his own kid.

  2. The union heads of any union don’t really care or support their members. Unions have become a scam to force members to pay dues into a fund that supports only politicians who want to destroy the worker’s jobs while the union heads, and mafia, get rich skimming off union dues money. Little if any of that money goes to benefit the workers.


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