Watch: Tom Cotton Absolutely Owns Reporter in Heated Exchange


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After Twitter and Facebook censored the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails found in it that could ruin Joe Biden’s chances at winning this year’s presidential race, various Big Tech issues surfaced.

On Friday, Republican Senator Tom Cotton sat down with CNBC’s Squawk Box anchors to talk about the coronavirus relief bill and the various Big Tech issues.

For the first few minutes, Cotton talked about the stimulus bill with anchor Joe Kernen. In general terms, they also talked about possible actions that Congress could take in response to Facebook and Twitter deliberately hindering the spread of the NY Post story.


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Things got interesting when Senator Cotton accused the media of “essentially ignoring” the story and saying that they weren’t doing the country any favors by doing so.

After Cotton said that, co-anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin jumped in and tried to counter his claims. It was a valiant attempt, but he failed.

Sorkin began by telling Cotton that the “media industry that I know has been trying to investigate this and has not been able to corroborate the story.” The same company owns the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. Sorkin also noted that the Wall Street Journal has “not been able to corroborate the story” and said so “in the news pages of the Wall Street Journal.”

“So just to clarify,” Sorkin said, “it is not that news organizations are not looking into this. It’s that they haven’t been able to corroborate the story.”

According to Sorkin, “A responsible news organization, therefore, wouldn’t report it.”

Cotton let him say all this and kept quiet, not showing anything on his face, even as Sorkin smirked and turned to Facebook’s and Twitter’s actions.

“Now the next piece of this is you’re talking about the tech companies censoring such quote-unquote news. If, in fact, the tech companies had quote-unquote liability like news operations do, you wouldn’t want them to be reporting something that they couldn’t corroborate, no?” Sorkin asked rhetorically.

Sorkin was smirking and laughing before Cotton spoke, believing he had won. That is until Senator Cotton put him in his place without missing a beat.

“You mean like the Russian collusion hoax and the Steele dossier that you reported on for four years, Andrew?” Cotton asked.

Watch the full interview below.

Additionally, Senator Cotton noted the highlights on his Twitter feed,

At the end of all that, Cotton singled out Sorkin and wrote, “Any time, Andrew.” Ouch. As if he wasn’t humiliated enough.

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