Watch This White Professor: Tells Students to be ‘Less White’…


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The News Junkie’s Archives – Penn state sociology prof tells students ‘white people are dumb’ and to ‘be less white’.

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Hunter Biden’s Dad just replaced his guy as the smartest person in the world he knows over Hunter Biden.

In a world where you are told to “just be who you are”, white people are now being told not to be who you are.

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  1. White people are dumb. Does this @$$ Hole havve a mirror in his home, who the fuck does he think he is.

  2. how do these low IQ people make it through college to be a professor. the colleges must be getting darn easy.

    This professor is so stupid that he looks out at a world where white people; in fact mostly eastern European ancestry people have made 90% of all improvements in civilization and standard of living over the last three hundred years.

    The Chinese steal European ancestry created technology. The India people learn and replicate European ancestry technology and tools. the middle eastern hires people from European ancestry created technology knowledge to create the ultra expensive lifestyle they have built.

    Mean while south east Asian, African, and south america mimic the tools, culture, methods, and standard of living the European ancestry people have developed as best they can.

    Despite the obvious huge gifts the intelligence, creativity, and hard work “white” people have given to the world Penn state sociology professor tells students ‘white people are dumb’ and to ‘be less white’.

    It is clear that there is one Dumb white person and that one dumb white person is the Penn state sociology professor.

    I think Penn state should tell this professor he has two choices: he can quit immediately or he can agree to live with out an item that was developed by a white person for the next year. now lights for cars, no computers, no phone, no velco, no synthetics of any type, etc. After all all those things are dumb right.

  3. This “professor” needs to have his @ss kicked until he believes he’s black and just being persecuted because of racism. And he’d still be in error because he’d be getting his @ss kicked because he’s an idiot and offensive to white people.


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