Watch This: Trump’s Brutal Takedown of Biden


Last week, former President Donald Trump joined Heather Childers for an exclusive interview on Newsmax.


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“Do you think he is capable of doing the job from what you’ve seen?” Childers began. “I mean, you had to do the job. You’re working 24 hours a day. People would actually laugh about the fact that you rarely seemed to be ever sleeping, but it does take that kind of initiative and drive to do the job.”

“Do you think he is up for it, or do you think someone else is doing the job right now?” she asked.

“Well, it does take that kind of drive. It takes strength and enthusiasm and everything that you can imagine,” Trump responded. “You need the highest levels of every ingredient necessary. It’s full-time—when I say full-time, it’s 50 hours a day, and you understand what I mean by that. It’s a lot of work.”

He continued, “I think other people are making most of the decisions, but I may be wrong about that. I don’t know.”

“Look, I debated him, and I was a little surprised at what was being said. I don’t really know him very well. But to be honest with you, somebody is making decisions,” Trump added.

“The only good thing to come out is now they finally agreed—after screwing up the construction, which was going along perfectly and is going to be finished soon—they finally agreed to rebuild or just complete the wall, which shouldn’t take them a long period of time,” Trump said.

I must say, that was a job well done by Childers for saying what many do not want to say—that Biden is suffering through dementia and might not actually be in charge at the White House.

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  1. We all know Joe is senile. What some people failed to realize is that Joe has been stupid his entire life. Now he’s senile and stupid.


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