Watch This: Stumped when confronted on Biden’s hidden inflation tax, eventually blames Trump…


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The News Junkie’s Archives – WH Press Sec is stumped when confronted on Biden’s hidden inflation tax, eventually blames Trump.

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This, children, is how you talk and talk without saying anything. It’s a good technique when you want to get out of something.

Psaki is horrible at her job and yet I feel like this woman is somehow even worse.

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  1. Wow! talk about stupid. That had to be the dumbest spokesperson on earth.

    Clearly an affirmative action hire.

    Want to know why diversity offices are stupid? Well you just watch the reason.

    No forced diversity does not make your organization stronger, better, smarter. you know what does make your organization stronger, better, smarter? hiring Asians and white males.

    you know what is most sad about this incompetent, worthless, lying garbage press Secretary? You are paying her salary and benefits!

    Do you want smaller government now?

  2. I want someone from the pro affirmative action pro black privilege crowd to defend this terrible white house spokes person.

    Remember when all of the left lined up to scream trump was lying when trump was not lying? Well lefties: what about this lying spoken person? anyone going to line up to scream she is lying?

    Are you? Or now you are ok with the fact you were lying before and lying now?


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