Watch This School Teacher Come Unglued Over Anti-Lockdown Protests


Image Screenshot From Trending Politics YouTube Video Below.

In an Oregon anti-lockdown demonstration, a local school teacher yelled at the protesters in a since viral video.


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In Bend, Oregon, an anti-lockdown protest was being held when a local school teacher stopped on the road to shout expletives at the protesters. The scene was caught in now-viral footage on social media.

The teacher, supposed to be molding the American youth, repeatedly told the marchers to “kill themselves.”

“B**CH! KILL YOURSELF!” the woman screamed as she accidentally turned on the windshield wipers.

“I’M A FU*ING TEACHER! I WORK IN SCHOOLS! FUK YOU! FU*K YOUUUUU!” she continued in an ear-piercing shriek.

Suddenly, to catch attention, she begins frantically waving and flipping off the camera and screams, “Hi!!!! Hi!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!!”

She then shouted “F**K ALL OF YOU!” when the crowd started chanting, “USA! USA!”

Wonder what kind of manners the teacher teaches her students in school.

Below is the viral footage:

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