Watch This Republican’s Epic Ad to Bring Maxine Waters Down


Image Screenshot From @joecollins43rd Twitter Post Below.

Dynamic and young Republicans running for office emerge with powerful campaign ads.

A naval veteran, Joe E. Collins III, from South Los Angeles posted his campaign video challenging the current Democrat Representative Maxine Waters, who has spent 44 years in the office, yet her constituents still live in the poorest of slums.

Collins shows Waters’s extravagant mansion, worth $6 million. He emphasized that the mansion does not actually stand in South LA, where Maxine Waters serves. Waters is representing South LA, one of the most violent and poorest neighborhoods in the US.

In the video, Collins can be seen touring the district – a style refreshing to watch in young generations’ campaign ads. He showed where he grew up and almost died in a shootout.

Apparently, crimes spiked to about 15 percent in that part of LA, largely due to gang activities. Homicide likewise shot up by 53 percent.

The district has the highest poverty rate, with 43 percent living below the poverty line. On the other hand, Los Angeles County’s homeless population reached 40,000, with 264% rates since last year.

Collins argues that Waters has abandoned the district. Not even the mansion where she lives is in the district after the census has redrawn the lines.

Another young and enigmatic candidate is Kimberly Klacik running against Rep. Kweisi Mfume in Baltimore. She showed how the trash pile up on the streets from the abandoned homes. The once-glamorous 19th century Baltimore has reduced to squalor after years of Democrat control.

Klacik laid out her platform in the video which include tax credits and incentive programs for residents to buy and rehabilitate the abandoned homes, claiming, “Everyone deserves a safe community and a chance at home ownership.”

She also plans to pour in jobs and educate the youth to have an “educated workforce.”

Klacik pointed out, “9 out of 10 Black boys are not reading at grade level.” She plans to end the “school to prison pipeline” by providing school choices to parents.

It’s nice to see the millennial candidates taking charge in their communities and raising awareness on crucial social issues – stark contrast to the old and decrepit ways of the Democrats.

Way to go.

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