Watch This: Omar ‘Demands’ an Apology in Return…


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The News Junkie’s Archives – Omar demands an apology in return: I apologized when I have felt that my words have offended..

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Hates the US but enjoys its many benefits.

She NEVER felt that her words offended. Hence, she never apologized.

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  1. How many felonies does an American, America hating Muslim have to make before charges are brought against her? Campaign fraud. Marrying her brother. False name to enter America. I want to see her booted first out of congress, then arrested, tried, convicted, do her time then deported back to the SH*THOLE she came from.

  2. Muslims don’t say they are sorry. Muslims usually don’t thank you for anything because as an infidel you owe them whatever you give them. They are the superior race or religion. Everyone else are dogs. They are very much like the Nazis in everyway, including hatred of the Jews. We shouldn’t allow them to be in this country. But Joe Biden and Obama want them in here to help destroy us.


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