Watch This: Grandma Thwarts the Secret Service When She Spots Donald Trump


A video of a pro-Trump elderly woman has recently made the rounds and has now gone viral on social media.


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In the video, a woman can be seen trying to get former President Trump’s attention as she tries to get past his security detail. “Mr. Trump, we love you,” the woman and her husband can be heard yelling.

When Trump got closer to where they were, the woman became ecstatic as Trump gave her his attention. He told the couple to “turn around,” and before having a picture taken with them.

“We love you, we love you,” the man says to Trump repeatedly as they smile for the picture. Once it’s done, Trump pats the woman on the back and walks away while waving.

“We got it!” the man says repeatedly while smiling.

The man who took the picture then embraces the elderly woman and asks, “Are you happy, grandma?”

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