Watch this ‘Fed Up’ Sheriff Goes Off on Biden…



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The Next News Network – Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, An Arizona sheriff is going off on President Biden’s administration for a wave of immigration executive orders and lax policies that have undermined progress made in border areas under former President Donald Trump.

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Biden. A career politican. The worse for this country. Just disgusting how dems are ruining this country an getting away with it.

Absolutely no one should address Biden as President! He is NOT our TRUE President! Trump is!

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  1. Don’t give up control of our southern border to Biden’s Policies.
    Democrats” This whole Presidential thing, it is very obvious now, that Biden is in, way over his mental capabilities, moving forward with his total leftist agenda, serving our Country up on a platter, for his Chinese obligations made, once all this fully becomes apparent to all Americans change will finally occur. He has made election promises, non of which he can keep, and his executive mandates will only satisfy for a little while longer. Family baggage will become his downfall, this man can not say promises made, promises kept to the American people, maybe to China The Country is more divided then ever before and it’s getting worse, keep taking American jobs away will come back additionally to be your downfold. Former White House physician Ronny Jackson told reporters he was “convinced” that Democratic Joe Biden, 77, does not have the cognitive ability to be commander-in-chief. “I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,” The. What does all this sound like to you? Executive orders or dictatorship? these are not congressional passed laws. This is all going to lead somewhere and it’s result will not be good. Our country is now well on it’s way to being bankrupt. Their is a national epidemic of corrupt democrats, Change will be coming in 2022 I hope, They are also trying to change our election laws for the future. Hopefully we’ll see all these lifetime entitled Dems replaced. Biden’s border orders will only lead to more cages and release of minors to sex traders “Business Insider reported” that an estimated 18,000 to 20,000 children come into the U.S. and are sex trafficked each year. As many as one in seven runaway children in the U.S. also end up being sex trafficked. Much of the child sex trade is now online and on the dark web, but minors also travel with their handlers to be trafficked in other locations. Why are the words “dark money” “dark web” and the name Biden always found in the same conversations? Phoenix police pointed out that anyone with information about sex trafficking should call local law enforcement or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888 or visit

    • Before Joe went senile, he was just stupid. Now he’s senile and stupid. Senile Joe never had the mental capability to be president.

  2. Biden didn’t like what was happening at the border back in 2014 and didn’t do anything because he wasn’t the President. Now that he finally has power he won’t do anything. Whatever Trump did that was working for this country Biden has and will destroy it all


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