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– At a CNN town hall event, President Joe Biden, while talking about the January 6th Capitol riot, said “I don’t care if you think I’m Satan reincarnated.” Newsmax’s National Report panel reacts.

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He certainly is doing his best to please Satan and ruin America.

He may not be the incarnation of Satan, but the spirit he’s operating in is certainly demonic.

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  1. He’s not even a cognizant human being. What a piece of garbage he really is. Nothing but a corrupt career politician who has spit on the American people his whole time on taxpayers’ dollars while also enriching himself with back door deals. He doesn’t even hide his sarcasm with stuttering or mumbling when answering questions he doesn’t like unless he’s trying to lie and remember a scripted speech at a conference or press release. An epic embarrassment.

  2. Senile Joe is not Satan but it’s very clear one of the persons pulling senile Joe’s strings is Satan. Senile Joe has been a liar and a thief and a cheat plus a baby killer his entire life. There is NOTHING Christian about this fraudulent person. The only good thing about senile Joe’s future is that where he’ll end up at, at least it will be a dry heat.

  3. Lol biden isn’t smart enough to be the devil . Don’t dirty the Devils name by comparing them two . Don’t want to give the devil a bad name now do we

  4. Or sure biden. That’s what all the reincarnated Satan’s say!

    You seemed to need to tell us that you are not Satan.

    We would not expect Satan to admit he is Satan.

    So logic tells us that biden is Satan reincarnated.

    The Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud and biden is not the legitimate president.

    The Georgia folks are finding the same thing.

    Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota will find the same thing as well.


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