Watch This: Biden Admits He Committed an Impeachable Offense…


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– Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden on Thursday spoke to reporters after driving an electric Jeep Wrangler around the South Lawn of the White House. Biden admitted the CDC’s decision to unilaterally extend the eviction moratorium for 60 days was likely unconstitutional.

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Why can’t the American people order an impeachment for Biden and harris

This guy is an impeachable offense, from day 1 …

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  1. So impeach the damn pedophile already and don’t stop there, go after every democrat and every Rhino, before they kill the entire Country!!!!!!!!

  2. How long must we wait we have proof of voter fraud how the bastards stole the election. Compromised politicians who won’t turn over dominion files they should be in jail now. Start arresting them now! Drag this out too long we won’t get another shot action now while the sword of justice is hot. Biden and all the commie democratic leaders and Bernie Sanders knew about the steal let them rot in prison not the country club lockup but hard time hell put them in Guantanamo ! Does anybody have the balls to decertify Arizona and keep going until the other states they stole do the same! Good by Biden and Kamala Smella! The real President can start putting our Country back on track!!!!!


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