Watch This: Bernie Sanders Shamelessly Plays the Race Card…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Chris Donaldson from Trending Politics reports, Democrats are using the focus on the newly created Juneteenth federal holiday to cram through legislation that would end democracy as it currently exists and permanently cement their party into power.

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Bernie, you are wrong, this bill is for the DEMS, it’s not the peoples bill.

Well, he is a Socialist. He himself admits this. He did honeymoon is the USSR. So, of course he’s gonna pull the race card. Like the proud Socialist he is.

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  1. Bernie your party has lost three supreme court cases this year all of which resulted in your democrat party polices being deemed RACIST.

    Bernie you are the party of racism.

    By the way bernie white people do not claim you as white. you more of a pink / red person. I don;t think the racist affirmative action law has any protections for pink/red males.


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