Watch This: AOC Seems to Want the Abuela Problem…


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Newsmax TV – Conservative Commentator Matt Walsh discusses how he raised $100,000 for New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother in Puerto Rico and the Congresswoman’s family turned it down – Via Newsmax’s ‘John Bachman Now.’

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It’s seems the corrupt AOC has morals, and will only take what is not hers, instead of accepting charity

The left has got one big problem the true AMERICAN PEOPLE have seen your dirty dealings

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  1. AOC is nothing but a dirty little tramp, like Harris. The mattress on the floor of the bar where she worked wasn’t clean.

  2. And I like to respond what Jean Carroll said when she said what do we need men for. Well I can reverse it and say what do we need women for. So there.

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