Watch: The Silent Majority Lines the Streets, Thousands and Thousands of People


Image Screenshot From CBS Los Angeles YouTube Video Below.

On Sunday, a large mob welcomed President trump in his arrival at Newport Beach, California, for a fundraiser.

Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, shared video footage of the thousands of people in the streets, and wrote, “Thousands upon thousands lined for miles along our motorcade route in CALIFORNIA to cheer on President @realDonaldTrump!!!!!”

James Wood likewise expressed his delight in seeing the massive crowd. He shared footage of people cheering while waving Trump 2020 flags, American flags, and signages as President Trump’s motorcade passed.


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“I have never seen anything like this in CA, and I’ve lived here my whole life! The MAGA crowd is pretty amazing. Met some very cool people today!” wrote another Twitter user. She also posted a video from the street when President Trump waved at them.

According to CBS Los Angeles, supporters flooding the streets “significantly outnumbered” the handful of protesters.

“The American people love President Trump,” one of the attendees told the news outlet adding the overflowing support can be seen when you look down the street.

“We love our president,” she said.

President Trump likewise shared his Newport Beach supporters’ video footage on Sunday afternoon, thanking them for the warm welcome.

The president battled out the coronavirus and immediately returned to campaigning as soon as he got well. Charlie Spiering of Breitbart News reported the president came back “with a vengeance.”

The report wrote that the president showed neither signs of losing his voice nor his signature energy albeit participating in several public speaking events and a few fundraisers in the previous week.

In an October 12 rally in Sanford, Florida, President Trump told his supporters he was “energized” by their prayers and “humbled” by their support.”

“We’ve had such incredible support, and here we are. Here we are. But we’re going to finish. We’re going to make this country greater than ever before,” Trump continued.

The president’s last leg of the campaign would be on Monday in Prescott, Arizona, before returning to the White House.

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