Watch the Press Secretary Cover for a Disgraced Kamala Harris…


As she usually does when asked questions she doesn’t want to answer, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki evaded the question. In response to a reporter’s statement, Psaki said that Republicans “need more to do.”


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“Republicans have been quite critical of the vice president,” a reporter noted. Indeed, Republicans have continued to attack Vice President Kamala Harris for not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I’ve seen that, and they need more to do, I think,” the press secretary interjected.

“Is the White House suggesting that her diplomatic role is disconnected from the border? How are you guys squaring kind of how you think about that issue?” the reporter asked.

“The confusion is perplexing to me,” Psaki said in response. “That’s obviously a role that’s focused on diplomacy, focused on working with these countries, with these leaders.”

“The current president, who was vice president, ran point on the Northern Triangle when he was vice president,” she continued. “And that’s obviously a role that is focused on diplomacy.”

“The vice president has had a number of those conversations at the leader level,” Psaki added. “And discussing what steps to take, whether it’s improving the personnel and the approach they each take at the border, we’ve seen some steps they’ve taken on that front, or whether it is working with them to determine how we can provide the best assistance to address the root causes over the long term.”

She went on, saying that the vice president’s role is “certainly a significant role.” She added that Harris’ diplomatic actions are linked to her role as head of the border crisis response team because if the root causes aren’t addressed, “we will continue to see influxes and large numbers of migrants coming to the border, cycle after cycle—just as we have seen over the last several years.”

“It is not even a one-woman job,” she added. “It is a multi high-level official job.”

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