Watch: the Opposition bombs Trump Supporters Home


Image Screenshot From Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV YouTube Video Below.

A video shows the home of an avid Trump supporter in Michigan being blown up by explosives. There was considerable damage done to the home, but luckily no one was hurt.

The individual who destroyed the home was caught on camera, but he has still not been held accountable for his crime.

According to Click on Detroit, the homeowner said that everything happened on Saturday just past midnight. He was upstairs with his girlfriend when they heard a loud sound, after which he rushed downstairs and was shocked at what he saw.

“Smoke was filling the house,” the homeowner said. “I went up, told her to get out the house, ‘Grab the dog and get out of the house.’”

“The explosion went off, and it sounded like a transformer, I guess, from a powerline,” the homeowner said. “And then another explosion went off, and it shook the house.

The explosion left a large hole in his living room floor.

“When we came outside, we noticed the whole window, and it was completely blown out, smoke coming out. I didn’t know if the house was on fire or what was going on,” the homeowner said. “I saw a truck racing down the road. When the police showed up, they went in, luckily it didn’t catch fire, but the actual implosion of the mortar, it did some serious damage.”

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