Watch the Kansas City Chiefs Cave to the Woke Mob…


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The Next News Network – Jeffrey Cawood from The Daily Wire reports, This week, the Kansas City Chiefs announced that the NFL franchise would no longer showcase a horse mascot named “Warpaint” galloping around the field on game days.

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The reason that a sports team chooses a name that involves Native Americans is the bravery and ferocity of the warriors of the various tribes, it is highly respectful, not disrespectful. Wow.

Kansas City Chief’s fans don’t like this woke BS. If the Chiefs keep this up they will lose support big time

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  1. They wrecked the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians. They’re already working on the Atlanta Braves so it was just a matter of time before they came after the Kansas City Chiefs. The idea is wreck all sports and with the woke players in sports today, the sports world is doing a good job of wrecking sports by themselves.

  2. Being a half breed , part NA . and being a chifes fan I say it’s ok for you to use this name for the football team . Stop taking a knee tho . Thats not part of the NA way of life . honor is a real thing and taking a knee is disrespect . Don’t do that or I’ll take away my fan Stat and the use of the name . Play well for us this year . We’re counting on you


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