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Newsmax TV – TEXAS: Representatives fled the Lone Star State in order to avoid a vote on a Republican-backed effort to improve election integrity, and several of the lawmakers promoted the move publicly on social media. Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee reacts. – via American Agenda, weekdays at 2PM ET on Newsmax

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The Biden administration is a total disaster, worst president and vice president in the history of this country.

Texas Democrats that ran away should be treated like all the people would be treated if they don’t show up for work. Fired!!

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  1. Looks like to me that its just another case of the holier than thou Democrat running from there responsibly and did you notice that they weren’t warring mask what makes them different from any other people in the country.

  2. Fire them, bill them for their flights, room & board, food & anything else the taxpayers are paying for.
    They really don’t have the maturity or intellectual capacity to serve the American people. They are a disgrace!

  3. The Arizona audit has proven that the democrats committed massive voter fraud.

    Biden is a fraudulent president.

    There are no democrats in any public office anywhere that can prove they were actually elected to their job.

    Any attempt to block further audits or new stricter voting laws by the democrats is aiding and abetting criminal voter fruad, indurecction, and treason.

    The Texas democrats, AG, and Pennsylvania democrats are all guilty of treason

  4. Based on the results of the Arizona audit much restricted voting laws are required.

    The Texas democrats are committing treason as they are working to preserve their voting fraud schemes

  5. They literally just committed an Actual act of “Insurrection”-by it’s very definition.
    Jail them ALL!!
    Release the Jan 6 (non-violent) trespassers, who rightfully went to “The People’s Capitol” to demand having their voices heard about voter fraud. Yes, voter fraud, which there is now undeniable verifiable proof of in several states. They weren’t wrong for being pissed.

    The irony of these corrupt, lazy politicians virtue signaling as though they are Patriots shirking their responsibilities … when in fact is it is THEM who actually interfered in carrying out a very important legal democratic process.

  6. I guess all the democrats that reside in Texas are real proud of their representatives. If these had been those fighting Santa Ana, I bet Texas would still be a Mexican state. Actually it is becoming that now that biden has open borders and hoards of illegal invaders are being allowed in so they can be of voting age by 2024. Guess who they will be forced to vote for.


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