Watch: Reporter Hammers Psaki for Hiding the Border Crisis from the Media


During a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was hammered by reporters for covering up the border crisis from the media.


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“Why can’t he take time to go down to the border?” one reporter began. “It’s taking a lot of resources to get him to Pennsylvania and Georgia this week, [and] the vice president out west. Why not take the time to schedule something to go there as well?”

In response, Psaki said that President Joe Biden’s focus is on “developing solutions, pushing his team, encouraging his team to develop solutions that will expedite processing at the border, that will open more facilities, that will ensure kids are treated with humanity and also treated safely.”

Without giving the Press Secretary any time to breathe, the reporter asked, “What is the status of allowing cameras into some of these facilities? We’ve been asking for weeks about whether or not the press will ever get a chance to see [them].”

Psaki responded that the administration “supports transparency” and thus has been working on “how to provide access in a way that abides by covid protocols and also protects the privacy of people who are staying in those facilities.”

Another reporter asked Psaki about the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) arrival at the border: “Does FEMA’s arrival at the border mean that the administration feels what is happening down at the border is a disaster?”

According to the Press Secretary, the FEMA’s arrival at the border was simply “using every lever of the federal government to help address” the huge number of people crossing the border.

The reporter again asked Psaki to clarify: “Specifically, their mission is helping people before, during, and after disasters. We’ve heard you say that it’s a problem, that it’s a challenge. Is it now a disaster?”

“I will say that FEMA is there to help ensure that the people who are coming across the border have access to HHS and our shelters—that we can swiftly place them with vetted families,” Psaki said. “They’re playing a number of roles there to address what we feel is a significant problem and a significant challenge. And I think we haven’t been hiding about that.”

Watch the video below to see how the White House Press Secretary was hammered for hiding the border crisis from the media.

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