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Conservative Twins – Dr. Marianne Gale, the deputy chief health officer of New South Wales (NSW), also added that a number of those individuals who were vaccinated, unfortunately, had just received their COVID-19 vaccination not long before acquiring their illness.

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Let’s go Brandon!

Imagine if there were a 99.7% chance you wouldn’t shit your pants but were forced to wear diapers just in case.

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  1. the more people find out the truth about these covid shots the more they are going to know why the FDA leaves them under experimental emergency use. By being emergency use they are immune from prosecution.

    the DpD keeps real records on the covid shot side effects and they have 72,000 deaths within 14 days of the covid shot. The CDC claims if you die within 14 days of the covid shot then the covid shot did not cause the deaths.

    Think about that concept. If you die within 14 days of being shot or stabbed or in a car wreck those things did not cause the death?

    If you die within 14 days of getting covid you did not die of covid? I guess no one dies of covid so pandemic over!

    I really really want to know why none of the pro vaxx crazies take the time to actually think. Not a lot; just a little.

    You have a covid shot the is not a vaccine that the officials are calling a vaccine. that alone should raise red flags.

    The vaccine does not stop you from getting or spreading covid.

    The vaccine only reduces symptoms in about 40% of cases while other treatments reduce symptoms in as much as 95% of cases.

    Covid patients recover 99.977% of the time.

    The vaccine does kill people and the vaccine does maim people.

    Every single honest medical person in the world knows these facts. So why are there so man pushing it? I really want an explanation.

    • all good points. I wish I had the answer as well.

      I honestly believe it is the level of intelligence in the world has dropped so far that most people can not think anymore.

      So they follow to try to look smart.


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