Watch Newt Gingrich Predicted Some Disturbing Events if Biden Wins


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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich conveyed some disturbing events during his guesting at the Tucker Carlson show on Wednesday.

Gingrich stated a crucial point on the future of pro-Trump should the Democrats gather more votes than the reds this November. He contends that the leftists have a history of power-grabbing with the intention of keeping it permanently once they control the government again next year.


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During the interview, Carlson asked Gingrich, “If Biden-Harris win, are Trump supporters in trouble?”

Gingrich’s answer is quite appalling, although nothing good could really be expected from the left. He said, “Yes. They’re in trouble.”

He stated Governor Cuomo as an example when the latter threatened the Jewish to close the synagogues if they don’t obey him. Another example he mentioned is Governor Whitmer, who was slammed by the Michigan Supreme Court because the governor is a “petty dictator.”

According to Gingrich, the two governors, along with the other leftists, love power and will do everything to keep it.

During the vice-presidential debate, Kamala Harris talked about her plans to levy the California justice system to the whole US.

Harris said the US needs police reforms and even the justice criminal system. She laid out their plans for banning chokeholds and carotid holds.

Harris’s claim on implicit bias has been previously debunked. Studies show that there is no link between the police and the suspect’s color. White police wouldn’t shoot a Black person without an apparent reason. Likewise, Black police wouldn’t target a white person at his whim.

Democrat-led cities that follow Harris’ criminal justice reform record skyrocket cases of crime rate and unrest.

The leftists have also briefly expressed packing the Supreme Court. Two states will be added- Puerto Rico and District Columbia state. Such a move will ensure a permanent blue majority in Congress.

Gingrich’s prediction stems from the Democrat’s power-grabbing nature, which the voters need to seriously weigh in.

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