Watch Mask Confusion Leads to Obscene Gestures


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Body camera footage showing voters without masks allowed inside polling station sowed confusion on the COVID guidelines.

Four voters who arrived early in a Fort Lauderdale polling station got initially denied entry due to not wearing masks yet permitted after the Broward Supervisor of Elections, Peter Antonacci, said they can still vote in the county.

The decision then led to confusion on what is allowed and not allowed in the poll station.


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Poll workers refused the four early voters on Monday morning when they showed up not wearing masks despite guidelines earlier implied by Broward Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci.

“There is an ordinance, and I rely on people’s common sense and good faith,” he said.

However, the group was still permitted to vote after Antonacci sent a message to the officers that the four can still vote in the county.

Poll workers and Fort Lauderdale Police, who responded to the polling station, then got confused on Antonacci’s contradicting mandates.

Footage from a body camera show officers initially explaining to the voters that they need to leave since there is a mask ordinance in the station. Fort Lauderdale Police said the supervisor is not enforcing the mask mandate and never required it of his poll workers.

7News reached out to both parties on the disparity and found a conflicting statement from the Broward Supervisor of Elections.

Antonacci told the news outlet and Fort Lauderdale Police that the mask mandate needs to be enforced, yet said otherwise in an earlier message to the police.

The Sun-Sentinel also reported that at least six of the several law enforcement agencies they have checked said voters would be allowed to cast ballots even when they show up without masks.

“I would ask that they understand their duty to maintain a civil society, and in this instance to help with our health and well-being,” Broward County Mayor Dale Holness said to the outlet.

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