Watch How Lightfoot Relies on Fear to Push Agenda…


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Fox News – Fox News contributor reacts to holiday weekend crime spike in Chicago leaving 14 dead and 86 shot.


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Calling Biden president is like calling a burglar a guest.

Mayor Beetlejuice fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

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  1. Defunding the police means to not being held accountable for your actions. Lawlessness like in the Wild West as Our Country grew and expanded. But wait? What had to happen in order for the new western territories were becoming more populated? Law and order were established by law enforcement agencies to curtail the violence in these growing regions. Just a little History Lesson on the acts of violence and how they were handled in this type of environment. We as American Citizens are at this stage “again” do to present day Democratic ran cities that allow all the peaceful protesters, violent acts against innocent individuals without “any” type of accountability for their actions. With the State and Federal Government’s defunding the law enforcement agencies and tying the hands of the officials who are trying to keep the peace. Then the Bureaucrats of the Justice System just pat them on the wrist and out of jail they go to just repeat their same actions…. I am. Law abiding American Citizen , and I Honestly believe that the Law Enforcement Agencies should Start Dropping these “peaceful protesters” like flies. When someone is threatened by a mob and using Fear to get their “Reparations” I would use Deadly Force without a second thought to protect myself, my family and my livelihood…. Put a bounty on the heads of these organizations leaders that are trying to destroy our nation like We did years ago. Bounty Hunters made a good living and the “Hanging” Judge used plenty of rope for “Justice”. Lead is not a “Racist” tool, it knows no color. Wrong is wrong no matter what color you are. Life is not fair to anyone. You either earn your way or you sat on your fat butt and let the government make all your decisions. I bet that this post will not see print. Don’t want to hear the Truth.


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